Top Upscale Nightclubs in Dallas

By Salah Izzedin

Dallas nightlife is one of the best reasons to live in the city. Our nightclubs have reopened post-pandemic and are in full swing. The following are my personal favorites for upscale venues that set the standard for a VIP experience.

The Clover Club

The rooftop lounge at The Clover Club. Rooftop bottle service is available by reservation. Photo courtesy of

A recent addition to Uptown Dallas, The Clover Club is a classic, swanky affair. It was designed as an homage to the elegant supper clubs of the 1960s, so posh decor and furniture come standard. Sip a signature cocktail on one of their plush couches, or get cozy in a rooftop booth around a firepit. 

If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, bottle service is available at various tiers. Vodka, Whiskey, and Tequila are served with popular soda and juice mixers, and champagne orders come with macarons, fresh berries, and truffles. Trust me, you’ll feel like true Dallas royalty holding a glass of Dom Perignon and looking out at the beautiful city skyline. 

Like its glamorous 1960s predecessors, Clover also offers a sophisticated food menu. Popular dishes included braised wagyu short ribs, quail, scallops, and lobster-stuffed potstickers. Enjoy your meal while watching a live musical performance featuring classics in the Big Band and Motown genres. 

Clover Club Hours: 9pm-2am, Thursday through Sunday

ReservationsReserve your table for the club here


The beautiful interior of Candleroom’s main lounge. Image courtesy of

Candleroom has been a Dallas nightclub icon since it opened in 2003. The venue is famous for its warm and alluring atmosphere. The main lounge features two ebony crystal chandeliers surrounded by billowing bronze fabric; rich leather seating and oak flooring give the place an Old World feel. The bar is polished white stone, lined with solid birch stools and backed with maple cabinetry.

Bottle service is offered in the Parlor, which is also richly decorated in Rococo and Chinoiserie themes. You can enjoy a VIP experience surrounded by velvet drapery, tapestries, and brass candelabra sconces. 

Candleroom Hours: Wednesdays from 9pm-2am, and Friday-Sunday from 10pm-2pm

Reservations: Reserve your table here.

Theory Nightclub

Theory’s ultra-modern bar and lounge. Image courtesy of

When you think of a nightclub, Theory is most likely what comes to mind: flashy digital displays, rotating DJ’s, LED lighting, and plenty of dance space. Top notch service, state-of-the-art audio systems, and a fully stocked bar lend further credibility to Theory’s claims that it is the only “true” nightclub in Dallas. 

It is a favorite spot for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, or whenever VIP treatment and a good time are in order. Fair warning: you might find it difficult to hold a conversation in this place. That’s okay, just dance instead. 

Theory Hours: Wednesday and Friday-Saturday: 10pm-2am; Sundays from 10:30pm-2am

Reservations: Book your table or event here

Truth & Alibi

Truth & Alibi’s Art-Deco interior. Image courtesy of

If you’re looking for a themed evening, Truth & Alibi has you covered. A modern twist on a Prohibition-era speakeasy, you will find your way into the club through a secret door in the back of the Deep Ellum Candy Shop. 

The door opens to a small-but-opulent room, strewn with high-back couches and crystal chandeliers. Signature drinks continue the prohibition theme- an absinthe sour with Redemption Rye will have you feeling like Jay Gatsby. Enjoy the lively atmosphere with live music and sultry burlesque performances. 

In true speakeasy fashion, you will need a password to enter this establishment. The password is announced weekly on the club’s facebook page

Helpful hint: You may want to arrive early since the venue is smaller and parking can be difficult to find.

Truth & Alibi hours: Thursday from 8pm-12:30am; Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 2am; Sundays from 6pm to 11pm

Reservations: book your table or event here

Remember to drink responsibly and follow all COVID-19 protocols. Stay safe and have fun.

About Salah Izzedin

Salah Izzedin has lived in Dallas for more than twenty years. He is a successful entrepreneur and loves exploring all the city has to offer.

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