Is a Yacht Club Worth It?

By Salah Izzedin

Owning a yacht can be a wonderful and luxurious way to spend the summers. It also presents a unique set of challenges, from storage to maintenance. If you own a yacht, it can be a wise decision to join a yacht club. These clubs charge a membership fee that allows you to take advantage of amenities and convenient storage. 

Yacht Clubs Store Your Boat

If you don’t have a lakefront property on which to store your yacht, you will need access to a dock. Yacht clubs safely store your boat at the docks or in dry storage. Your membership also often guarantees a prime spot from which to set sail. 

Exclusive Events at Yacht Clubs

Much like being a member of a private country club, yacht club membership means you are informed of and invited to exclusive events within the boating community. Yacht clubs have a full calendar of fun, family-friendly events that make it easy to plan your weekends. From holiday parties to organized races, there is almost always something happening at your local club.

Junior Programs at Yacht Clubs

young girl on sail boat
You’re never too young to learn to sail! Yacht clubs feature youth programs that are fun and safe for all ages.

If you have children who are interested in learning to sail, yacht clubs often have several teaching programs available. Yacht Club Summer Camps also offer a safe and fun way for children to pass time outside of school while parents are at work. They learn the technical aspects of sailing and form life-long friendships with fellow junior sailors. 

Luxury Amenities for Yacht Club Members

Membership at a yacht club usually means access to high-end amenities, including on-site swimming pools, tennis, and gourmet restaurants. 

Yacht Clubs in Dallas

The Rush Creek Yacht Club is a premier destination for both sailing enthusiasts in the Dallas area. Located on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, RCYC encourages sailing at all ages and experiences. There are eight classes of membership to choose from and 6 youth programs, including a summer camp. 

RCYC amenities include wet and dry storage for your boat, a swimming pool, full service dining room, bar, and a deck with a playground attached. 

About Salah Izzedin

Salah Izzedin has lived in Dallas for over twenty years. He is a successful entrepreneur and enjoys exploring all the city has to offer. 

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